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Wheel Wool Brush-WWB04

Wheel Wool Brush-WWB04


100% Merino Wheel Woolie Brush

100% non-metallic wheel woolie brush to remove road grime and brake dust without hurting the costly wheels and guard nets.


Product Introduction


With dense water-absorbing and superfine wool uses detergent to make more foam effectively.

Please irrigate residual detergent with flowing water, natural air drying, shaking or use care brush can make the wool fluffy again.


Natural sheepskin has limited service life, but it can prolong the use life with proper care.

A piece of brush can serve for 40-60 cars.

* Keep away from high temperature,strong acid and base detergent.

* Free from exposure to the sun and rain.

* No tearing while using, otherwise it would result in separation of sheepskin and wool, even collapse.

* Should not be soaked in water for a long time, when not in use, removing water after washed by clean water, with natural air drying.

* Mix using two brushes is recommended,one wet and another dry.(Use the wet one to clean the dirt with foam,use the dry one to clean the water spots.

Technical Specifications

Wheel Wool Brush-WWB04

Length Rubber Length Wool Length
270mm 100mm,φ25mm 130-140mm,φ60mm