Classic Car Duster with Solid Wood Handle-WB56 SERIES

Classic Car Duster with Solid Wood Handle-WB56 SERIES

Model : WB56 SERIES

Large duster head – long and narrow design allows access to tight and hard to reach areas
100% soft cotton threads – 3-inch long threads attract and lift dust from your vehicles surface
Varnished solid wood handle – offers durability and comfort for years of trouble-free service
Use between car washes – get that showroom finish every time
Durable storage cover included – simply slip over the duster head and protect the threads while in storage

Product Introduction


Classic Car Duster with included storage cover offers exceptional quality and performance at a great value. Maxshine uses the softest threads to protect your paint from scratches. Because the threads are 100% cotton, the new duster may leave some lint during its first few times of initial use.

This is normal and will go away once it is broken-in. The more it is used the softer and better it gets.

Technical Specifications

Item No. Total Length Hair Length Wood Handle length Width Handle Material Hair Material
WB56-Small 54.2cm 7cm 36.2cm 7cm PVC+Wood Soft Cotton Threads
WB56-Large 54.2cm 7cm 36.2cm 10cm PU+Wood Soft Cotton Threads