Flexible Microfiber Wash Brush-MWB01

Flexible Microfiber Wash Brush-MWB01


Scratch free scrub brush with a lightweight extension pole.

Flow-thru handle extends up

Comfort TPR grip with thumb-controlled valves.

Product Introduction


Stainless steel connector fitting provides a tight and secure water connection.

Designed for cars, trucks, SUVS. RVs, All the floors, walls and Ceilings


Gantly sweep the paints surface to remove dust.

Before using the body to remove dust. check the water brush carefully. If the wash brush has sand or any other tough objects after the last use, clean it off to avojd wearing the car paint and the window.

Technical Specifications

Flexible Microfiber Wash Brush-MWB01
Model Size Brush Material Pole Material Brush Length Color
MWB01 Pole length 0.85m, extends to 1.45m Microfiber Aluminum 32*14cm White & Green