Nano Fabric Retractable Car Cleaning Brush-WB52

Nano Fabric Retractable Car Cleaning Brush-WB52

Model : WB52

Multi Use – Great to use outdoor for car, motorcycle, trucks, RV, indoor for home use on windows, shelves, countertops, closets, mirrors, bathrooms, bedrooms & kitchens.

Best Handle Design – Made from high quality stainless steel telescopic rod, easy to extend and close. Extendable handle allows for easy access in hard to reach areas. The soft foam handle allows for easy gripping and comfort while cleaning.

Anti-scratch & Lint Free – Premium nano fabric bristle prefect for exterior and interior without scratching. It owns strong adsorption force and can easily remove dust and dirt. No hair loss, no debris, light and durable, beautiful and delicate

More Benefit – Simple and easy maintenance, just give it a good shake occasionally to get rid of the excess dust. This car dust cleaner will prevent build-up dust on your car, helping you avoid those tiring, expensive trips to a car wash.

Retractable Handle makes cleaning roof easy. Retractable from 28”to 34”.

Product Introduction


The ultimate car duster large will make car cleaning simple and keep your vehicle nice and tidy looking.
Remove dust quickly and efficiently. Picks up the dust in one swipe. Save you from a car wash.
You may shake it out after you use it, to remove any loose dust or particles.
You may remove the nano fabric bristle cover from the handle and wash the cover separately.

Technical Specifications

Item No. Size Hair Part Length Brush Bristle Material Handle Material
WB52 Pole length from 28”extend to 34″ 41.5cm Nano Fabric Stainless steel+Comfort TPR Grip