Explicit Detailing Bucket – Transparent-PB04

Explicit Detailing Bucket – Transparent-PB04

Model : PB04

Heavy-duty PC construction – ultimate durability.
You can also choose material from PC,PP to HDPE according to your needs, but PC offers the best quality and the diaphaneity is 100% like glass.

Oxford fabric handle – tough, but comfortable
Corrosion-resistance – compatible with all detailing chemicals
Transparent clear color – ensures the maximum visibility

Optional transparent lid MBL02 – secure storage

Product Introduction


Explicit Detailing Bucket is our heavy-duty bucket built with PC, a renowned material known for its strength-to-density ratio and chemical resistance.
This colorless and transparent bucket is made of Poly Carbonate, which offers colorless and transparent, dimensional stability, coloring, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance are relatively high, and features with high melting temperature, high viscosity, fast cooling speed, high impact strength, low bending, compressive and tensile strength.
The 100% transparency provides easy visibility of all your detailing tools.
It’s corrosion-resistant and suitable for all car cleaning solutions.
It’s compatible with all MaxShine bucket accessories like Bucket Lid, Sand Killers, Bucket Dollies, Bucket Caddy and more, it can also work with other brands bucket lid, bucket dolly, grit guard, bucket caddy in the market.
With the upgraded Oxford fabric handle and optional transparent lid, our buckets are durable, convenient, and versatile. With the MaxShine Explicit Detailing Bucket you can tackle a wide range of detailing tasks efficiently and comfortably.


You can choose bucket set with color coded bucket systems.
The Complete Car Wash Bucket System Including a Wash Bucket For Your Car Shampoo, a Rinse Bucket To Wash The Dirty Water Off Your Wash Mitt, And a Wheel Bucket To Keep Your Wheel Cleaning Brushes Well Lubricated And Avoid Cross Contamination.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Color Capacity Dia. Height Material Diaphaneity Weight Of Bucket
PB04 Clear 4 Gallon (15L) 12.34 in (313.5mm) 11.69 in  (297mm) PC -Premium Quality 100% like glass 1.4KG
PP 80-90% 1KG
HDPE 60-70% 1KG

(Bucket Lid)

Clear / / / PP 80-90% /