Puzzle EVA Foam Detailing Pad-SFP01

Puzzle EVA Foam Detailing Pad-SFP01

Model: SFP01

Puzzle EVA Foam Detailing Pad is a must-have for any laborious job! This multi-purpose pad is great for Detailers, Mechanics, Construction Workers, DIYers, and more.


Place in your work area and feel the comfort of working down low on your vehicle or around the house, all while saving your body from excessive strain.

Product Introduction



  • Cushioned Workout Flooring for Home and Detailing.
  • Two Spliceable EVA foam pads (Accept customization)
  • Knee Pad for Work,Protect the knee from injury
  • Simple assembly -lightweight pieces quickly connect; easy to disassemble and move. (2 carrying handles)Water-resistant and noise-reducing design.
  • High quality extra thick 3.5cm EVA foam.Dense EVA foam is perfect for garages and basements to protect floors as well as reduce knee injury.

Technical Specifications

Puzzle EVA Foam Detailing Pad
Art.N° Material Color Size
SFP01 EVA Foam Pink +Black 115x55x3.5cm(2pcs totally)