Sidekick Rolling Stool With Toolbox-DRC08

Sidekick Rolling Stool With Toolbox-DRC08

Model : DRC08

Premium 3″ Casters:Stool glides easily over rough surfaces and cracks on oversized polyurethane, 360-degree swivel speed casters while providing stability and maneuverability.

Durable Construction With Ergonomic Design:Powder-coated steel frame and metal base support 350 lbs capacity with ease. This efficient design ensures smooth mobility in the seated position.

Padded Seat With Adjustable Height:Comfortable cushioned seat can be adjusted from 17″ to 20.5″ for the perfect height.

Large Storage:Store your tools in the spacious drawer that glides on ball-bearing slides.

Quickly access tools and accessories from the storage bins.

Product Introduction


Full of function and thought, the Sidekick Rolling Stool is the perfect combination of mobility, storage, and comfort for your DIY projects.

Ideal for projects inside the garage, home, and workshop.

This tool seat is adjustable in height.

Overall Dimension: 420mm(length)*364mm(width)*430mm(height),The highest:520mm

Drawers Size:280mm(length)*340mm(width)*170mm(height)

Toolbox size: 280mm(length)*75mm(Width)(on the two sides)

Drawer back tool box size:355mm(length)*75mm(width)*70mm(height)

Technical Specifications


Art.N° Swivel Casters Load Capacity Material NET Weight
DRC08 4pcs 3″ Casters 350 LBS PP 12.7KG