Purple Foamed Wool Pad-FWP80-P Series

Purple Foamed Wool Pad-FWP80-P Series

Model : FWP80-P Series

Hybrid pads made of lambswool, microfibers and foam
Purple Foamed Wool Pad especially for DA polisher
Vaporized foam particles at the lambswool tips
High cut and high gloss

Product Introduction


With the Foamed Wool Pads, we has succeeded in setting up the traditionally very abrasive long-pile wool pads for use on DA polishers.

What was previously only possible with rotary polishers can now also be achieved with the far more popular DA polishers: High cut, maximum gloss finish and minimum haze. This is made possible by a patented combination of lambswool and foam: the foam particles vapor-deposited on the upper area prevent the wool fibers from buckling too much during the strong DA movement and thus producing the desired cut. In addition, the foam particles ensure improved temperature drainage.



Directions for Use:
Place the pad on the backing plate and apply as many small drops of polish as possible.
Start with the lowest setting on the polisher as possible and work your way up to a comfortable speed.
Clean the pad by blowing out with compressed air.
If required, wash the pad with water and Maxshine cleaner.

Technical Specifications

Item No. Size Wool Length Sponge Thickness Material
FWP80-P φ 80mm 10mm 10mm Lambswool, microfibers and foam
FWP130-P φ 130mm 10mm 10mm Lambswool, microfibers and foam
FWP155-P φ 155mm 10mm 10mm Lambswool, microfibers and foam