Ozone Generator-3.5G

Ozone Generator-3.5G



1. Compact and Portable Size
2. Low energy consumption, low maintenance
3. Quiet Operation
4. No chemicals and no residual contamination.

Product Introduction


The ozone breaks down odors, microorganisms and other pollutants at their source. Ozone is created by nature during thunderstorms and everyday as sunlight strikes the earth. Employ the cleaning power of nature and create an outdoor fresh environment in your facility!

Effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses

1. Sterilization: destroys a variety of bacteria and viruses efficiently without secondary pollution
2. Deodorization: completely removes mold, cigarette smoke, etc.
3. Oxygen increasing: improves oxygen level for air
4. Health: purify the air and promotes human metabolism.

Technical Specifications

Applicable Areas:

•Hotel Rooms • Restrooms • Carpet Cleaning • Damp Basements
• Food Markets • Airplanes • Automobiles • Boats/Yachts
• Limousines • Rental Cars • Real Estate Sales • Rental Properties
• Dining Rooms • Remodeling • Warehouses • Office Buildings
• Janitorial Services • Fitness Facilities •Food Processing • Restaurant Kitchens
• Walk-In Coolers • Bars and Lounges • Commercial Buses • Recreational Vehicles


Model MS-3.5G
Voltage 120V/60HZ,220V-240V/50-60H
Power 50W
Ozone plate 1 piece, dimension 9*5 cm, 8000 hours lifetime
Ozone output 3.5 G/H
HOLD function Unit will work continuously
Timer 2 hours timer + HOLD function
Air flow Max 80 CFM (2.5M³/Min)
Noise 35 DB
Air supply Air source
N.W/G.W 2 KG/2.5 KG
Product dimension 204L*171W*142H mm
Package dimension 252L*237W*200H mm
Applicable area 5000 SQ.Ft