Transparent Car Washing Foam Cannon-FL06

Transparent Car Washing Foam Cannon-FL06

Model :FL06

When paired with your favorite Maxshine Ultra Foaming Wash you get a vehicle covered in foam! Not only is it visually impressive, but the layer of foam also helps break down and soften up dirt and other contaminants. This process makes it easier to wash your vehicle and minimizes the chance of damaging your finish.
Complete with your choice of connector,such as Karcher K,Alto,Bosch,Lavor,M22,Karcher HD..ect

Product Introduction


The bottle body has a gravure design for easy handling.
Adjustable spray pattern:Adjustable intake valve to control the amount of soap used.
Use with Gas or Electric pressure washers.
Maxshine Foam Cannon produces thick foam by combining car soap with pressurized water. Minimize micro-scratches by thoroughly lubricating the surface with a thick blanket of foam.



For best results, make sure your pressure washer has the minimum specifications.
1700 PSI
1.7 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
Always use a high quality soap like any of our Maxshine car soaps. Use a 20% soap to 80% water mixture. This ratio could change depending on your equipment.



Package including:
Foam cannon
900ml solution tank
Siphon tube

Technical Specifications

Material Cup Volume
PP with copper connector 1L