Mini Cordless Polisher-MN02

Mini Cordless Polisher-MN02


The Mini Cordless Polisher is a battery operated nano machine polisher which features both dual action and rotary modes.

3mm,9mm Dual Action Throw and Rotary
7 Speed Settings (1000 – 7000rpm)
Digital Speed Screen
2 Batteries
1″ and 2″ Backing Plates
Extension Bars Included

Product Introduction


The Mini Cordless Polisher is a dual action machine polisher. This hand-held nano polisher can be used as a dual action or rotary polisher simply by swapping out the dual action module and attaching the backing plate directly to the head of the machine. Both 1″ and 2″ backing plates are included, as well as extension bars to help reach intricate areas.

Enjoy continuous use with two 2000mAh battery packs provided, one can be used in the machine whilst the other is on charge, ensuring the polisher is always ready to use. The battery charger features an international battery charger also meaning it can be charged wherever you are in the world. Speed is controlled via two push buttons on the top of the machine which is adjustable by increments of 1000rpm, ranging from 1000 – 7000rpm and an LED display will show the exact RPM currently in use.


1x Mini Polishing Machine
Backing Plate Size: φ3cm(1pcs) φ5cm (1pcs)
2000mAh 12v Batteries (2pcs)
International Wall Charger
Blue Heavy Cutting Pad Size:φ3×1.5cm(1pcs) φ5×2.5cm(1pcs)
Green Cutting Pad Size:φ3×1.5cm(1pcs) φ5×2.5cm(1pcs)
Orange Polishing Pad Size:φ3×1.5cm(1pcs)  φ5×2.5cm(1pcs)
White Finishing Pad Size:φ3×1.5cm(1pcs) φ5×2.5cm(1pcs)
Purple Long Wool Pad Size: φ3cm(1pcs) φ5cm(1pcs)
White Wool Pad Size: φ3cm(1pcs)  φ5cm(1pcs)
Blue Microfiber Pad:φ3cm(1pcs) φ5cm(1pcs)
Adaptor M14 or 5/8″(2pc) Small Wrench(1pc)

Technical Specifications

Model MN02
Voltage 12V
 Orbit 3mm ,9mm and Rotary
Diameter 30mm and 50mm
Rotating Speed 1000 – 7000rpm (7 Speed Setting)
Battery 12V, 2000mAh
Charger 110V-240V AC 1.4A