Microfiber DA Pad-MFP130-A Series

Microfiber DA Pad-MFP130-A Series

Model: MFP130-A Series

While the blue and white fibers found in the Microfiber DA Pad lead to an overall attractive appearance, they are for so much more than just looks.

With both cutting fibers and polishing fibers blended together into one pad, you are now able to remove light to moderate scratches and swirls, polish to perfection, and buff to a high shine in just one pad!

Product Introduction



If you like the overall performance and versatility of Microfiber Pad(with the “blue and white” fibers)
we engineered a new microfiber pad with a standard pile height and shorter profile that provides great finishing results, especially on softer paints.


DA microfiber system is a brand new development in correction using a dual action polisher.
When these pads were introduced they really could be described as a game changer.


Used in conjunction with DA Microfiber correction compound and finishing polishes it’s possible to achieve near rotary levels of correction with ease.


DA microfiber system was the highlight products for us as it allows the enthusiast to correct even tough paints like those found on VW, Audi, Mercedes and BMW to correct swirls and scratches with much less effort.


New microfiber disc technology refines surface to a high gloss finish.
Engineered foam interface for controlled conformability and optimal finishing.


Optimized for use with DA Microfiber Polishing/Finishing Wax,Gloss.

Technical Specifications

Microfiber DA Pad-MFP130-A Series

MFP80-A φ80x8mm Foam+ Microfiber
MFP130-A φ130x8mm
MFP150-A φ150x8mm