Wool Polishing Pad-WP06

Wool Polishing Pad-WP06


Time savings due to fast cut and high performance even on delicate surfaces

Product Introduction


Faster Finishing
Decrease in polishing temperature of up to 35%
Well suited for polishing plastic-coated heat sensitive surfaces
Stability of the pad due to its highly resistant composition
Integrated air-cooling nylon gel lattice layer
Less risk of holograms
Wool and Microfiber Hybrid Buffing pad
Use on enamel and delicate wood coating, as well as aerospace and marine coated composite surfaces
Flexibility on curved and uneven surfaces
Use on both Dual Action and Rotary

Technical Specifications

Wool Polishing Pad-WP06

Size Fasterning Material
φ135x10mm Flat Velcro Wool+Microfiber