Duo Twisted Colorful Towel-DTS6090

Duo Twisted Colorful Towel-DTS6090

Model :DTS6090

Duo Twisted Colorful Towel are made by unique super soft microfiber which has long service life.

Product Introduction


Drying your car with the ultimate plush microfiber drying towel will provide you with that pristine finish you can see from all the way down the block. Stop pussyfooting around with the ordinary towels and up your game to the ultimate!

The ultimate plush microfiber car drying towel can be used as window glass cleaning, auto polishing buffing towel, or finishing towel. Works on wheels, with quick detailer, waterless, compound, sealant, glaze and wax removal.

Technical Specifications

Duo Twisted Colorful Towel:

Art.N° Size  Thickness Material
DTS6090 24″x36″ 1200g/m2 Duo Twisted Microfiber