• Detailing And Workshop Seat With Back-DRC06

    Strong steel frame for capacity 300 lbs
    maximum durability and long service life.

  • Mini Handheld Dryer-MHD01

    Mini Handheld Dryer may be light and
    compact,but it packs a big punch.

  • Maxshine Wheel Stand-MWS01

    Maxshine wheel stand used to support work
    on rims or entire wheels.

  • Transparent Car Washing Foam Cannon

    When paired with your favorite Maxshine Ultra
    Foaming Wash you get a vehicle covered in foam!

  • Detailing Brush – Black Classic-M02 Series

    Make the difference in your auto detailing with
    Detailing Brushes.

  • Mini Cordless Polisher

    Fast,Effective,Safe and Easy-to-Use.

  • Duo Twisted Colorful Towel

    Easier to use, softer and safer Microfiber

About Maxshine

We Maxshine is a professional manufacturer who specialized in long throw dual action polisher and auto detailing products for more than 16 years. Maxshine has become one of the most popular cars detailing brand more than 50 countries and regions in the world. The main reason our brand expanded so fast is we dedicated all our efforts and enthusiasm to the car detailing. This sincere heart for detailing will never change no matter what happens. Innovation is the first drive for the development.

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Maxshine's Products

Maxshine Polishers help you make vehicles clean and shining!Maxshine Polishers help you make car detailing safer and easier.

A car detailing program is worthless if it adds swirl marks and scratches to your freshly polished paint.

Maxshine foam polishing pads are professional designed for the restoration on painted surface and the daily maintenance.

Maxshine Detailing Brushes are an essential tool for any detailer. We have kinds of different purpose detailing brush for...

Maxshine Clay has become a really popular component to car enthusiast's culture, as it removes the increasing damage being...

Maxshine is professional manufacturer of Snow Foam Lance .we have kinds of different sharp snow foam lance for...

Maxshine Carry your DA/RO polisher, pads, and polishes,microfiber cloth,waxes from the garage to the car club or concours...

Maxshine innovative combination of materials causes wax, polish, interior and exterior dressings, and sealants to...

Do auto detailing right with MaxShine’s famous Multi-functional holder. You can’t perform a proper and efficient car detail...

Ozone gets rid of the smelly bits you can’t scrub away.Ozone reacts with any contaminants in the air, water...

Maxshine Detailing Swirl Llight Easily Spot Imperfections and Swirls in Your Paint When Polishing and Correcting...

All aspects of auto detailing can be made faster and easier with the assistance of MaxShine’s Detailing Accessories...

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Cleaning Clay Bar
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