Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush – WB60 Series

Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush – WB60 Series

Model : WB60 Series

Sizable,Two different bristle heads are available for customers to choose for cleaning large areas.
Ergonomic, full grip handle to keep your hand cramp-free.
Chemical resistant and rubberized handle material.
Included drying/storage rack for optimum organization and care.

For delicate areas that need a soft touch choose the Ultra-Soft bristle head. Swap in the strong yet soft Mixed Boar’s Hair bristles for deep cleaning, perfect for both interiors and exteriors.

Product Introduction


Detail larger areas quickly and comfortably with MaxShine’s Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush.

Easily swap the bristle head you need into the ergonomic handle and get detailing.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Hair Material Handle Material
WB60-1 3.3″W * 5.9″H Ultra-Soft Bristle PP & PTE
WB60-2 3.3″W * 5.9″H Mixed Boar’s Bristle PP & PTE
WB60-KIT 3.3″W * 5.9″H 1 pc Ultra-Soft Bristle and 1pc Mixed Boar’s Bristle PP & PTE
   Included drying / storage rack