Microfiber Cobra Towel-CGT4040

Microfiber Cobra Towel-CGT4040


A car detailing program is worthless if it adds swirl marks and scratches to your freshly polished paint.

Premium Microfiber Towels & Applicators are the finest available anywhere and will not scratch your paint.Guarantee!

Easier to use, softer and safer Microfiber Towels!

The Cobra Gold Plush/MIRACLE DRYER Microfiber Towel is an extra-thick, extra-soft microfiber towel that feels like a million bucks next to your skin, but more importantly, next to your paint.

The 70/30 or 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide gives this towel an unbelievably fluffy texture.

This towel has all the quality features of a  towel and so much more!

The density of the weave makes this an extra soft and absorbent detailing towel,With 100% microfiber binding or silk binding.

Product Introduction


This towel is designed for multiple uses. Dust your vehicle inside and out, buff away wax or spray wax, wipe down your dashboard, polish your chrome trim, or just roll it up and use it as a pillow!

It’s so fluffy and soft, you won’t believe it’s a detailing towel.

But you can bet your vehicle will benefit from the gentle buffing action of the looped fibers and the super-absorbent weave. What a towel!

We can produce any size/color/weight/logo microfiber cloth  according to your requirements.

Product Features:

1.Super ability of water of absorption and soft

2.Automotive: washing, drying, waxing, and polishing your car, boat, motorcycle or RV

3.Around the house: Kitchen, windows, mirrors, glass, furniture

4.Towels can be washed and reused hundreds of times

Technical Specifications

Cobra Towel-CGT4040
Model Size Thickness Material
CGT4040 16×16″ 250-550g/m2 80% Polyester,20% Polyamide
CGT4060 16×24″ 250-550g/m2 80% Polyester,20% Polyamide