Microfiber Towel-PUT4040

Microfiber Towel-PUT4040


This Microfiber Terry towel is dipped and coated with PU resin,which makes unmerous foam porus on and inside the cloth.

Customized size/color/weight  are available.

Product Introduction


It makes the cloth:

– More Absorbent

– Attract more dust

– More durable

– easier to wash

– Minimize dust from cloth

You can use it for

1.Drying car after washing

2.Detailing car,esp.wheel cleaning

3.General house cleaning

4.Wiping dust&water after wet sanding on partiatly painted body

Perfect streak,no swirl mark!

PU coated loop break dirt down strongly and remove more dust easily.

Technical Specifications

Micrfiber Towel-PUT4040
Model Size Normal weight
PUT4040 16×16″ 320GSM
PUT4060 16×24″