Microfiber Detailing Apron-MDA01

Microfiber Detailing Apron-MDA01


Microfiber Detailing Apron protects your paint while you detail!

Protect your clothes and your car with the Maxshine Microfiber Detailing Apron.

Product Introduction


This large, comfortable microfiber apron keeps your clothing clean while you work, and the microfiber is soft against your vehicle.

And Maxshine Detailing Apron have a agraffe on shoulder,the polisher cable could across the agraff, avoid polisher cable scratches paint when you detail.It is wonderful design.

Unlike similar detailing aprons, the Maxshine Detailing Apron is made of 380GSM thick plush microfiber with waterproof on back.

The apron protects your clothes from buffer sling and catches drips splatter. The plush microfiber is as strong as it is absorbent. Wash and reuse the Maxshine Detailing Apron countless times.

The Maxshine Detailing Apron features three deep pockets for larger bottles. The pockets have reinforced stitching for strength. The apron is long with a broader neck strap for maximum clothing coverage.

Customized color,logo is availble!

Not only does Maxshine Detailing Apron protect you, it protects your vehicle! As you’re detailing, the microfiber apron protects the paint from buttons, zippers, and belt buckles. The apron also keeps loose clothing closer to the body so they’re not in your way while you operate a polisher.

The Maxshine Detailing Apron is durable, comfortable, and soft against your vehicle. Wear it every time you detail for the protection of your clothes and your car!

Technical Specifications

Microfiber Detailing Apron-MDA01
Thickness Edge Material
250-350g/m2 PE Border.soft,safe 80% Polyester,20% Polyamide,Waterproof Back