Microfiber Suede Towel-ST4040

Microfiber Suede Towel-ST4040


Perfect For Coating

Customized colors are available

Product Introduction


Microfiber Suede Cloth

Idea for Coating Car Surface

Usage: cleaning wooden furniture, leather, glasses, ovens, mirrors, household electrical appliances, automobiles and golf clubs.

Made with special microfiber, these towels can be knitted in different styles,all have the capability of absorbing and drying quickly, and removing pollutants.

Microfiber is promoted as a cleaning product which works without making cracking surfaces.

Microfiber is environmentally friendly by replacing paper towels and other non- reusable products.

Technical Specifications

Microfiber Sueds Towel-ST4040
Model Size Thickness Material
ST4040 16×16″ 180-220g/m2 80% Polyester,20% Polyamide
ST4060 16×24″ 180-220g/m2 80% Polyester,20% Polyamide