Orange Thick Drying Towel-PT4040-E

Orange Thick Drying Towel-PT4040-E


Customized design,size,color is available

Soft Plush,Thick Pile,Super Water Absorption and perfect for drying

Product Introduction


The double thick drying towel made up of the plushest microfibre pile

The double thick Drying Towel has no seams and only a super soft microfibre border along one of the edges of the towel.

This microfiber drying towel will dry your entire car leaving a scratch free finish and absorbs water completely leaving a streak free finish.We highly recommend our double thick Drying Towel for dusting as it pick up and safely lifts dirt, which is the opposite conventional dusters that will drag the dirt across the finish pushing the dirt into the paint causeing marring and scratches.

The double thick drying Towel will not lint and is machine washable hundreds of times to give you a great towel that will last for years

Technical Specifications

Orange Thick Drying Towel-PT4040-E
Material Weight Range Standard Size
80% Polyester,20% Polyamide 400-1200GSM 40x40cm,40x60cm