Pva Synthetic Chamois-PVA4366W-2

Pva Synthetic Chamois-PVA4366W-2


PVA Waffle Chamois(Synthetic Drying Chamois) -Waffle Style

Product Introduction


It is a synthetic drying chamois made of high-tech PVA material that has a unique open cell structure to maximize water absorption. The Absorber absorbs water 3x faster and holds 50% more water than a regular towel or chamois. Its tough, durable construction is resistant to most chemicals and detergents, is unharmed by grease, oil, and solvents, resists tearing or shredding, will never flake apart, will not rot or mildew, can be machine washed, and lasts years with normal use. Yet its soft material is gentle and will not harm even the most delicate surfaces. Comes in a handy storage tube to keep out dirt and contaminants. Standard size of 27″ x 17″ makes it easy to dry off about any vehicle or anything else with a smooth surface that needs to be dried.


Tough, durable PVA material resistant to most chemicals

Unharmed by grease, oil, and solvents

Resists tearing or shredding and will not rot or mildew

Absorbs water 3x faster than a regular towel or chamois

Holds 50% more water than a regular towel or chamois

Includes a storage tube to keep out contaminants

Available colors: yellow, blue, green, purple, pink,orange

Competitive price and top quality product guarantee,Customer’s designs and specifications are welcome.

Technical Specifications

Synthetic Chamois-PVA4366W-2
PVA4366W-2 PVA3243W-2
43x66cm 32x43cm