Ultra Micrfiber Towel-UT4040

Ultra Micrfiber Towel-UT4040


Two Sides Are Short Pile Loop

Customized size/color/weight  are available

Product Introduction


A car detailing program is worthless if it adds swirl marks and scratches to your freshly polished paint.

Premium Microfiber Towels & Applicators are the finest available anywhere and will not scratch your paint.Guarantee!

Easier to use, softer and safer Microfiber Towels!

1) It is very useful to clean in house and office,car , Cozy and elegancy look,No bad smell or stink

2) High water and grease absorption,Easy to wash without detergent,Quick dry

3) Much more durable than cotton cloth,Soft touch provides you great comfort

4) No short fibre left on the surface after wiping and no scratch

5) No germ even in wet condition ,Anti-bacterial treatment available

Technical Specifications

Ultra Micrfiber Towel-UT4040
Model Size Thickness Material Edging
UT4040 16×16″ 200-500g/m2 80% Polyester,20% Polyamide Sewn/Bordure/Edgeless Options
UT4060 16×24″
UT6090 24×36″