Detailing Swabs-DS01

Detailing Swabs-DS01


Designed for the smallest crevices and spaces in both interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Product Introduction


Selections include five different designs with either foam or microfiber tips, varying handle lengths, and unique head shapes. Best used on car outlets, radiator, air conditioner, speakers, fans, wipers, logos and more! Conveniently removes dust and dirt in those tough to reach areas of your vehicle to keep your car looking fresh and rejuvenated!


Soft, non-abrasive tips.
Excellent solvent-holding capacity.
No contaminating adhesives or coatings.
Washable and Reusable.
Foam securely bonded to a polystyrene shaft keeps tip securely in place.
Polystyrene Handle provides stable control of product.
Durable construction to prevent breakage.

Technical Specifications

Name Overall Length T Head Size
Long-Reach Microfiber 165mm 6.8x17mm
Large Square Foam 125mm 14.8x26mm
Large Square Microfiber 125mm 15x25mm
Dual-Head Microfiber 92mm 3.5x12mm
Fine-Point Foam 76mm 3.2×11.5mm