Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush-WB70

Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush-WB70

Model : WB70

Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush provide the perfect ergonomic grip for comfortable and hassle-free cleaning, eliminating finger fatigue.

It is the ideal companion for any auto detailing enthusiast, offering superior performance and convenience.

Product Introduction


Comfortable and secure textured stubby grip.

Densely packed bristles provide efficient and thorough cleaning.

Perfect for interior and exterior use.

Effortless deep cleaning,wet or dry.

The Maxshine Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush is designed to remove dust, dirt and debris from elegant surfaces.

The Maxshine Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush also work great for cleaning around badges, instrument clusters and trim.

The Maxshine Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush bristles are not prone to scratch or mar fragile finishes and can resist corrosive chemicals.

The Maxshine Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush offers a more valuable, safer and more comfortable solution when compared to similar products.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Handle Length Hair Length Material
WB70 12.7 cm 5.2 cm PBT