Interior Scrubbing Sponge-Double Scratching Side-SNS02

Interior Scrubbing Sponge-Double Scratching Side-SNS02

Model : SNS02

Scrub interior vehicle surfaces like plastic, leather, vinyl, and upholstery clean with the brush-like, bristle-type fabric found in this sponges.

Product Introduction


Using the Interior Interior Scrubbing Sponge helps remove dirt and grime,leaving your vehicle looking freshly sauced.
Works incredible with our Leather & Interior Cleaner.
It works perfect from perforated hides to dashes and everything in between.
Just perfect and the size is just large enough without being too small where it’s a nuisance, and you can accomplish so much, ina detailed fashion versus using towels, etc.
Control chemical use

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Material
SNS02 13.5x8x2cm 100% Nylon Brush Fabric