Nano Fabric/Leather Cleaning Brush-WB50

Nano Fabric/Leather Cleaning Brush-WB50

Model :WB50

Nano Brush Could remove the stain quickly from the seat mat and the small gaps of the resins.
Perfect hand feeling, no contamination by hand when use it.
The brush has strong decontamination ability that do not hurt leather, which saves your time and effort.
It is suitable for home, office, bar and car interior cleaning. Perfect for car cleaning, washing and polishing.
The grey plush surface is nano-fleece , which has a good decontamination effect.

Product Introduction


Unique diamond head design, easily wipe the small parts of the side seams without damaging the leather.

It can clean the surface of automobile table board , full leather seat , car window glass , etc. It can also be used in household.

The nano cleaning brush has a lot of small and soft bristles , which can clean stains deepl without damaging the leather.

Technical Specifications

Nano Fabric/Leather Cleaning Brush-WB50
Length Width Height Material
12cm 5.5cm 3.5cm Nano Felt