Pet Hair Removal Brush-WB54

Pet Hair Removal Brush-WB54

Model : WB54

Attracts hair like a magnet
Easy to clean
Environmental protection

Product Introduction


Brush gently in a circular motion in your carpets or other piece of furniture ,PETS Hair Removal Brush gather and remove loose pet hair.

Used for the carpets & clothes & sofa &car and beds.

Can remove pet hair use in 4 sides,After use rinse with water

Made by edible grade silica gel , silica gel material. is not easy to aging , So can be used for many years

Silicone material has a viscosity , can make the pet hair firmly adsorbed and remove.




Now our pet hair removal brush could help you solve this problem. Easily sweep away all the fur and leave a clean environment, void of fur floating around to protect you and your pet’s health.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Material Color
WB54 12x4x4cm Silicone Accept Customization