Tire Brush-WB09

Tire Brush-WB09


The Tire Brush is ergonomically designed tire brush deep cleans tires, ridding them of dirt, grime and previously applied dressings. Its lightweight design and stiff nylon bristles ensure maximum scrubbing power with minimal user fatigue.

Product Introduction


There is nothing more appealing on a detailed vehicle than a freshly dressed set of tires. Clean wheels, shiny paint, and streak-free glass mean nothing to most car care enthusiasts if their tires don’t look perfectly dressed to impress. Thoroughly cleaning your tires is critical to your tire dressing’s performance, both in terms of appearance and durability. The cleaner your tire, the longer your favorite tire dressing will last.

Technical Specifications

Tire Brush-WB09

Material Size Hair Length
Plastic Handle+Soft PP/Nylon/Horse Bristle 210x64mm 25mm