Clay Towel-MCT3030-V2

Clay Towel-MCT3030-V2


A revolutionary alternative to the clay bar.  Features a 12” x 12” microfiber towel with a polymer rubber layer bonded to one side.  Just fold the towel into a pad and you can remove all surface contamination on vehicles faster and more effectively than a clay bar.

Can be rinsed and reused numerous times.

Product Introduction


Features & Advantages & Usage

1.Safely and easily removes environmental contaminants:

Rail dust

Water Spots



Paint Overspray

2. Normally , car paint surface is easily adhered by contaminants by air pollution and industrial pollutant and environmental issues , in this way , it causes different kind of particles like tars,painting,industrial rust,worms,bird drops,etc., adhered to car surface and causes oxidation and scratches.

3. By using clay towel, any kinds of particles can be easily removed.

4. clay towel is  definitely the easiest,fastest and most convenient way to clean and do no harm to car surface.


1.Thoroughly wash the vehicle to remove all loose surface contamination. The Magic Clay Cloth is designed to remove embedded contamination and used over a non washed surface will result in scratches.

2.Pre-soak the Magic Clay Cloth in water prior to use. Using a suitable solution, we recommend a pH neutral car shampoo, start wetting the cars surface you want to remove contamination from with the microfiber side of the Magic Clay Cloth.

3.Fold the cloth in four so the advanced polymer rubber layer is facing outwards and, using very little pressure, pass the Magic Clay Cloth over the wet surface. The Magic Clay Cloth should be turned over or rinsed regularly to reduce the risk of removed contamination scratching the paintwork.

4.Use a fresh microfiber cloth to dry the area once the surface contamination has been removed.

Please Note

1.Do not use in direct sunlight or on surfaces over 145oF/62oC.

2.To clean the Magic Clay Cloth, rinse with water and hang to dry. Do not leave to dry with the advanced polymer rubber layer in contact with itself

3.The Magic Clay Cloth is not solvent resistant.

4.Keep out of reach of children.

Technical Specifications

Clay Towel MCT3030-V2
Size Color Packaging
30x30cm Yellow Color box,Blister box